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The question is no more “Can They” but rather “When Can They”!!! [tweetmeme source= ‘themavericksoul’ only_single=false]

Now obviously predicting future growth based on historical figures is not perfect science, but going by the current growth numbers of the company & more so of the fact that it is still blocked in China (Facebook is currently blocked in the world’s biggest internet market), shows that the Facebook has far more potential than visible to naked eye. The only hindrance however can be the total internet population, that is estimated at just fewer than 2 billion.

Another major factor is the growth of the mobile technologies & the new age mobile phones, which have catapult the growth of internet based companies piggybacked on the new mobile platforms, with ease of access & much broader consumer base than desktop technologies. It isn’t far when the number of internet users will be far more on the mobile networks than the desktop. To ride on this mobile wave, Facebook has jumped on with their new location based service – called Facebook location, which is a service operable from Facebook smart phone apps and that allows users to “check in” at a particular location, see who else is there, and update their friends on what they are doing (similar to the line of

So, will Facebook really reach 1 billion users by next July? In truth no-one, including Facebook themselves, really knows. But what seems clear is that there’s no real danger of them shrinking anytime soon, meaning they can carry on with turning more of those users into ad dollars.