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You must have listened to these terms all in the same paragraph or in a talk by someone. Well, what exactly do we mean by E2.0 or Enterprise2.0 , what is Cloud computing , how is SaaS related to this & finally what role does Social Media has to play in this ?

Enterprise 2.0 is a term used to describe Enterprise social software which comprises social software being used in an enterprise/organization for business/commercial contexts.

Which when stated in simpler terms means, an Organization having its own Facebook like application (for example) , used for its business purposes. The Facebook like application (stress on word ‘like’) is not exactly Facebook, but just an application with similar features & providing similar utilities to its users. The users here could be company’s employees, customers, suppliers, industry experts etc depending on the company’s strategies & goals.

Thus E2.0 will contain software (Facebook is a software too !! ) deployed on a companies intranet or internet , using social platforms or social media networks features.

The whole application will be hosted on the cloud (i.e. web , we are accustomed to fancy terms you see !! ) & will be provided to the users as a service (SAAS). The users/customers will be charged based on their usage & not as traditional software platforms where the user pays for the software development/hosting etc. It is a pay-as-you-use kind of model

It will be a system of web-based technologies that provide rapid information sharing, communication & integration capabilities in an organization.

Let me give you another example, imagine you as one organization, you are using a software – GMAIL , which is actually hosted on the web & not your premises, & if you pay montly subscription for that software service it becomes a SaaS model, where the application is on the cloud (so cloud computing) & since you can interact with other people on a social level its also a part of Social media.

Thus your organization is now using E2.0

(E2.0 that’s surely a fancy term!!, why haven’t I ever heard of E1.0 !! )