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Do these words Foursquare, Location-based-Service Gowalla, Facebook Places sounds familiar, other than off-course the famous cigarette brand famous in nineties, another crapy_internet_jargon, or facebook_is_facebook_but_whats_this_PLACES_thing  !!!!

What else comes to your mind ??????

Well based on my primitive knowledge, I can say, it’s something for people with phones & mobile internet, which can tell their location to online friends say on Facebook via Facebook Location (I am sure this one is definitely not meant for married people!!)

OK time for the technical definition, which I found somewhere, goes like this:

“They are mobile apps that let you share where you are and where you have been with your social web. By “checking in where you are – say, a local lifestyle shop, or a movie theatre – you can act as an advocate by describing what you are doing and how you are feeling, and leave tips for future visitors, turning users into mini Yellow Pages”.

Hmmm so it’s something like a Facebook status update where it’s mandatory for you to write about your location & along with the feedback for that location.

Status Update: “I am at Big Cinemas, Pune. Watching Dabangg. This is an awesome theater with nice ambience, hot looking people & great sound system. Wats more the movie is freaking paisa-vasool” {this was my status for a few days after I watched the salman starrer bollywood flick, but ok, lets not dither away from the topic}

The point here is that the applications like Facebook Places, Foursquare do the very same thing of updating your status based on your location (though in a organized manner) & let your friends know about your where being .

Of the latest in location based social media applications, the social media giant has arrived with “Facebook Places”  in August 2010 (currently in US only) . This is basically a service operable from Facebook smart phone apps and that allows users to “check in” at a particular location, see who else is there, and update their friends on what they are doing.

Some Features are as under

Customer Base

  • Existing LBS applications, such as Foursquare & Gowalla, currently have user-bases in the low millions. Foursquare has 500,000 active users, Gowalla about 100,000
  • Facebook Places is initially restricted to US audience of 120 million users

Location based social media networking, like any other social media networking, can only be a hit if it has a huge customer base, meaning all your friends etc are at the same platform.

Content – Ability to associate media with the place(s) that the media represents

  • Apple iPhoto introduced the ability to geo-tag photos so that they can be sorted according to where they were taken & viewed on maps showing where you have been, who you have been with, and what you have done.
  • Facebook is now the world’s biggest photo sharing site so Facebook Places will help to make sense of shared events & experiences through associated media.

Something for advertisers

  • Businesses will be able to claim their locations by searching for the place & clicking something like “Is this your business?”.Owners can therefore monitor what people think about their venue.
  • A perfect venture for location based advertising since a user will be disclosing his location at a given point in time. Profiling, segmentation and qualitative modeling of customer data will improve targeting marketing.
  • Foursquare’s business model is effectively a direct marketing proposition. It is based on engagement with users-of-intent rather than intrusive/interruptive form of advertising.
  • A good marketing proposition to companies that lack a physical retails presence, which have found interesting & innovative ways of using Foursquare to market themselves.

You can read at facebook blog to know more about Facebook Location / or at Foursquare FAQ.