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IIFT exam 2009

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Just Words
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IIFT 2009 entrance exam had a surprise sectional cut-offs for the first time.

The examination was of two hour duration and had 122 questions. It was divided into four sections  namely General Awareness, Quantitative Ability or Quant , a combination of RC and Verbal as the third section and a combination of LR and DI as the fourth section.

All the four sections had different number of questions with different marks allotted to them. The break up is as follows:

The General Awareness section had 20 questions of 0.4 marks each.

Quant had 28 questions at 1 mark each.

RC and Verbal combined had 40 questions in which RC had 15 questions at 1 mark each and Verbal had 25 questions at 0.6 marks each.

LR and DI combined had 34 questions at 1 mark each.

The negative marking was one-third or 1/3 of the marks of a question.

The DI cases were difficult and calculation intensive and RC was the easiest section of all.
Quant also was on the difficult side, though according to candidates, it needed good question selection abilities as there were some questions from mensuration which were quite direct.