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I sometimes wonder, why it so difficult for anyone to accept rejection ?? People tend to question themselves, their belief, their self confidence & their attitude , just because of the fact that a 3rd someone who is non-existent in their life & hardly knows about you has been bestowed with some authority to control just one event of their life , and then he just choose to rub them on the wrong side of their ‘desired’ destiny.

Self-Confidence is actually a misnomer. People today seek confidence only when its not by self , rather from others. Everyone lives on assurances & re-assurances of their ability & this boosts their ‘self-confidence’. And when these assurances or reassurances are not coming by then their self confidence is kicked out of the window.

If you think of all the events you succeeded & felt the most happiest person on the earth, Those events must have been accompanied by at least one event where you would have miserably failed. (Again the definition of failure & success must have been articulated by the people associated with that event)..All these failures don’t arouse the same emotions in you as they did during the time of their occurrence..Moreover some of those failure wouldn’t mean anything to you at this current juncture of your life..So the very realization that a failure looses its importance as you will move ahead in life, is crucial.

I know of a colleague who is a brilliant orator, can think well on his feet & has the perfect qualities for being a marketing kind-of a person.. but just for the fact that one ‘calcium carbonate in a tube‘ company person didn’t approve of him, he seem to have lost his faith in himself. I believe self-confidence should be from the self & not from the feedback of the world outside. Faith is an important attribute one need to posses. Before you can have faith in anyone else around you, you need to have faith in yourself. Faith in your abilities. Faith in what you can do the best & more important – faith in what you cannot do at all.

If you are sure of yourself, the world will be sure of you. !!